Position Title:   Program Assistant

Organizational Relationships

 Reports to: Clinical Director

 Supervises: No direct reports

 Coordinates with: Executive Director, Clinical Director

 Status: Full-time, Non-exempt

General Job Description

This job description is designed to identify the key areas of contribution as related to the implementation of residential service plans as well as the general maintenance and upkeep of the physical facility.


This job description encompasses the non-clinical functions that pertain to the overall support and implementation of treatment and the accompanying documentation for the residents in the halfway house.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

The Program Assistant will provide support and assistance in providing treatment for the residents during holidays, weekends, and evening hours. Since the residential facility is open 24 hours every day, the Program Assistants will enforce curfews and provide supervision for the residents during evening and weekend activities. Any clinical decisions will be referred to the Clinical Director and/or the treatment team. Working with the Clinical Director, the position also contributes to the development and implementation of best practices so that the agency runs efficiently and effectively.

Responsibilities by Function

Physical Facility

  • Report the need for facility repairs to the Executive Director and/or Clinical Director using maintenance request forms

  • Maintain basic up-keep of the residence, including light vacuuming, cleaning staff bathrooms if necessary, and keeping the facility tidy

  • Complete safety checks, fire drills, emergency drills, etc., and document these in the Safety Manual

  • Safeguard the confidential information that is stored in charts and on electronic devices

  • Place orders or purchase groceries and cleaning supplies as needed or directed

  • Inform Executive Director and Clinical Director of any office supplies needed

  • Maintain temperature logs, safety logs, food storage

  • Complete inventory checks so that all supplies are maintained


  • Assist in the referral and interview process of potential clients

  • Help orient new residents to the facility and the program

  • Provide oversight for the residents as they (not you) complete assigned chores and household activities

  • Answer the phones and take messages as needed

  • Monitor and mediate communal living interactions

  • Enforce house rules and ensure that guidelines are followed

  • Supervise the preparation and clean-up of meals and communal living areas

  • Assist the residents in developing independent living skills

  • Sign residents in and out to approved destinations

  • Perform nightly “safety walks”

  • Monitor and document visitors, check belongings for contraband

  • Coordinate and consult with the clinical team as necessary

  • Interact with residents in a manner that assures their confidentiality and privacy as required by law

  • File documents in the clinical charts as they are prepared and completed

  • Provide clerical support as necessary, including chart / packet preparation

  • Run an EVS (Electronic Verification System) report on each resident every night to determine funding sources or a change in insurance coverage

  • Observe residents and record any significant incidents that may affect the treatment process

  • Conduct random and scheduled drug screens as agency policies and procedures indicate

  • Maintain a daily log, progress notes, and any other paperwork as needed

  • Check-in all medications delivered from any contracted pharmacy

  • Monitor the medical log on the midnight shift for any new medicines, discontinued dosage changes, and when medicines are not taken, check MARs

  • Assist in the quarterly pharmacy audit

  • Participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings

  • Review the monthly work schedule and report on time for scheduled shifts

  • Perform chart checks twice each month on each resident, documenting findings, and reporting to the Clinical Director, Counselors, and Compliance Officer

  • Additional job duties may be added/changed throughout employment


Qualifications and Key Competencies

Skills and Knowledge

  • Familiarity with crisis intervention theory and techniques

  • Ability to document incidents to other staff members

  • Able to give and receive constructive criticism

  • Exercise good judgment and make sound decisions in emergency situations

  • Able to openly communicate and model conflict resolution and assertiveness

  • Demonstrate strong verbal and non-verbal interpersonal skills, team-building skills, and strong listening skills

  • Awareness and working knowledge of the drug and alcohol sub-culture

  • Demonstrate an understanding of men’s issues

  • Maintain a current CPR / First Aid certification

  • Adhere to Federal, State, drug and alcohol, and HIPAA confidentiality laws, able to relate effectively with people regardless of race, religion, educational level, income level, national origin, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and/or intersex, or other minority sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression (LGBTQIA) communities

  • Maintain healthy boundaries with peers and residents


Education and Experience

  • High School diploma or General Educational Development (GED) equivalent preferred

  • Six months experience as a drug and alcohol residential worker trainee, or one year paid experience in a drug and alcohol or human service agency, or two years of experience as a volunteer in either setting, or an equivalent combination of experience and training preferred

**An application will be completed at the time of an interview        

**This is a Full time position (40 hours per week)

Please send all resumes to or P.O. Box 1405, New Castle, PA  16103 or call 724-856-7211

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